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My name's Craig Loewen. I'm currently a Program Manager at Microsoft, and before that I studied Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I pride myself in being a cross-discipline problem solver. I've worked in a wide range of industries, from automotive to software, and have a wide range of skills from development to management. I enjoy designing, creating, and leaving things better from where I found them.

I'm a South African Canadian, and have lived in Europe, Africa, and Canada. My main hobbies are weight lifting, playing the guitar and hiking.

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PowerToys Advanced Paste with Local AI

May 29, 2024

Seattle, WA


WatVision is a project that aims to empower every blind or visually impaired person to use any touch screen. The project was my Fourth Year Design Project for my Mechatronics Engineering Degree at the University of Waterloo. We ended up winning the national James Dyson award for all of Canada as well as the General Motors Innovation Award, and the 2nd place in the people's choice award.

The WatVision system includes an app, and a ring that you wear on your finger. You run the app, and point the camera at the touch screen you wish to interact with. The app will tell you when it's seen and understood the screen. After that, you can move the finger wearing the ring around the screen and it will read out to you whatever is underneath your finger. If you want to learn more (or see it in action) check out the website!

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When I'm not Working

I practice the guitar


I love to travel and have lived in many different places. Most recently, I lived in Konstanz Germany where I was able to speak in both German and French. I enjoy learning about new places and cultures.


I work on multiple pet projects in my spare time. In 2014 I built my own working quadcopter from scratch, programmed it, and learned how to fly it. I've built a Hydrogen fuel cell powered RC car, and a robot that can launch jelly beans into your mouth from across the room.


Another way that I push myself is through physical training, and adventuring outdoors. 'For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.' - Arnold Schwarzenegger